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Talk to a licensed doctor anywhere you are by phone or video. It takes less than 5 minutes to request an appointment.

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$99 Flat Fee, No insurance needed, No hidden charges.

Other telehealth services may charge lower prices upfront, but read the fine print. They may be billing your insurance and you may be left with a bill you can't afford for deductible payments. Even worse, they may be making money other ways by mining and selling your personal data.
We guarantee a flat $99 fee for immediate visit with a licensed provider for any medical concern.

High Quality Doctors

Our medical providers are licensed primary care doctors actively practicing in their communities and have graciously offered their time in helping you out online. Other telehealth services tend to have inexperienced recent graduates or residents providing low quality services.

Same Day Appointments

Takes less than 5 minutes to schedule. Our provider will contact you at your preferred time to address your needs including prescription medication refills when possible.

Data Protection

We have real doctors practicing real medicine. We do NOT use any artificial intelligence or data mining on your personal health information.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Telehealth has eliminated the hassle of going to the doctor!

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Founder ABZ Studio House

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