Treat Yuumi introductions like you would treat introductions from a friend or trusted colleague.

Respond in a timely manner to introduction emails for the week, and communicate in a friendly and professional way. Users who consistently fail to reply to introductions will be removed from the platform.

Rescheduling is discouraged.

Emergencies happen — in those cases, let your weekly match know if you can’t make a meeting ASAP. “Ghosting”, or not showing up to a scheduled meeting without notifying your match, is not tolerated. Members who show a pattern of rescheduling consistently or of ghosting other users will be removed from the platform.

Yuumi isn’t about transactional benefits.

Members expect friendly and open-ended conversations, and often offer to make helpful introductions if they feel like there’s a good fit. Take the time to build rapport with your match, and you’ll reap the rewards. When your match spends their precious and valuable time to give guidance, advice, introductions, or other help, take the time to thank them and pay it forward when you can!

Yuumi is a professional community.

It should never be used to solicit a date or romantic partnership. Reports of such behavior will result in removal from the platform. Solicitation is not welcome and attempts to sell a product or service prior to or during a meeting will result in removal from the platform.

Each of our members plays a role in establishing and promoting a positive, inclusive, and encouraging community.

Discussions, posts, actions, or comments that promote hatred of any kind are not acceptable through communication on Yuumi or during meetings. Members who engage in this kind of behavior will be removed from the platform.

We take every report of hatred, violence, and harassment seriously.

We prioritize working with those affected to determine what the next steps should be – the safety of our members is of utmost importance. If you have been subject to any of these behaviors please let Yuumi know. Members found to have broken the Yuumi code of conduct will be removed from the platform.